My road to jewelry creation began the year that I left the USAF in 1972 when I began an apprenticeship program in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Working under the watchful eye of a Master Goldsmith I learned the basics of jewelry fabrication, gemology and precious stone setting. The trade shop that I worked in had contracts with the major retail jewelers throughout the region and through my apprenticeship I was exposed to all facets of the trade.

Before long I was specializing in the creation of one-of-a-kind fine gold jewelry, which led to my ownership of two different retail locations and a growing reputation for creative, quality designs. Then entering the wholesale jewelry world I created a line of fine gold men’s and women’s jewelry which was marketed to high end jewelers throughout the Midwest.

After some fifteen years in the industry I was hit with a double whammy— a changing market and burnout—which directed me to another career path. Now, many years later, I have dusted off my long stored equipment and reentered the field, and I have found that a lot has changed. With the advent of digital printers and CNC machines just about anyone with computer skills and a pile of money can become a jewelry designer.

With neither of those attributes, I have chosen to stick to the old ways and create my jewelry designs by hand. Starting with an idea and a block of carving wax, I finely hand sculpt each item and utilize the ancient lost wax casting method for their finishing.

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